The Date Whisperer 2023

“Date Whispering” has become a sweeping trend in the ever-evolving world of modern dating. In the vibrant Los Angeles dating scene, Sam’s name stands out as the ultimate authority in this intriguing field. However, Sam’s confidence in her expertise is put to the test when her father’s life coach, Mattie, challenges the true value of her services. This unexpected challenge propels Sam on a profound journey of self-discovery. She endeavors to unveil the genuine depth and significance of love, both for herself and her clients. The unfolding storyline explores the complexities of romance, relationships, and the inherent worth of heartfelt connections in a world where love often appears elusive. Visit flixtor for more!

The Date Whisperer | April 29, 2023 (Croatia) Summary: Date Whispering is the new trend in dating, and of all the date whisperers in LA, Sam is the best. But when the value of her service is called into question by her dad's life coach, Mattie, ... Read all
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