Hidden Strike 2023

Hidden Strike, originally titled Project X-Traction, finally lands on Netflix after being shelved for five years, featuring Jackie Chan and John Cena. The film is set in the near future during an attack on a Chinese-owned refinery in Iraq. Chan’s team of mercenaries is tasked with rescuing the employees, including his estranged daughter, while Cena’s character seeks vengeance against a terrorist. Despite Chan’s impressive performance in stunts, the movie falls short of delivering the high-octane action and excitement expected from its $80 million budget, leaving audiences unimpressed with its bland and forgettable buddy film formula. Visit flixtor to for more!

Hidden Strike | July 28, 2023 (United States) Summary: Two ex-special forces soldiers must escort a group of civilians along Baghdad's "Highway of Death" to the safety of the Green Zone.
Countries: China, United StatesLanguages: English, Mandarin

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